Eurodis is a leading European parcel distribution network operating by road, with daily shipments to each of the 34 countries where we work.

All of the members of our network are leaders of their respective national markets, offering national distribution coverage with high quality standards and using shared computing systems and processes provided by Eurodis.

The partner members of Eurodis work under a strict exclusivity scheme, which guarantees a unique, custom-made processing of shipments subject to specific quality standards.

These are some of the advantages EURODIS can offer:

  • A flexible transport of parcels and pallets.
  • A reliable service with a commitment to on-time delivery.
  • Absolute traceability of shipments, online PODs, etc.
  • Common quality processes and systems shared by all of its members.
  • A shared IT platform that enables a full traceability of shipments.

These are some of the most relevant data of the Eurodis network:

  • Turnover: 2.3 billion Euros.
  • Coverage: 34 countries (EU & EFTA).
  • Number of shipments: 143 million shipments / year.
  • Vehicles: 30,500.
  • Employees: 40,000.
  • Industries: consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, textile, automotive, etc.