Quality Certificates

For the Redur Group quality is not an option but a conscious choice, as stated in the Vision of the company.

In this regard, our great concern has materialised in the following quality certificates and seals that have helped us structure our job and processes. To that end, we have a Risk Prevention, Quality and Environment Department in charge of training, managing and auditing our whole network, 365 days a year.

At Redur, we are proud of being able to guarantee with all the consequences that we believe in what we do.

AEO Certificate (authorised economic operator)Deploy

ISO 9001Deploy

All of our processes are compliant with ISO regulations, ensuring a correct operation within the operational structure of our company and industry.

First certification obtained in 2000

First certification obtained in 2000

ISO 14001Deploy

European Seal of Excellence EFQM +400Deploy

Occupational risk management systemDeploy