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Social responsibility

We are well aware that we have the duty of returning to society part of what we get from society. That is why, besides being committed to the environment, we are committed to society.

Some of the projects that prove it are:

Food Bank

We carry out wide-scale distribution of food free of charge, from the different companies that take part to the food banks all over Spain.


Products from Cáritas are stored at our logistics centre in Madrid to be subsequently delivered to the whole Jarama area. Likewise, we collaborate in other centres from all over Spain, including food donations for their social projects.

Solar panels

During 2012, 9565 photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof of the industrial buildings REDUR owns in Madrid. The electrical installation linked to the panels has a power of 2.2 MW and is one of the largest photovoltaic power roof installations in the whole Iberian Peninsula. This installation started working in September 2012, minimising one of the key environmental aspects of the group, CO2 emissions resulting from transport. This could be equivalent to a reduction of 5% of CO2 emissions of all of our vehicles thanks to the photovoltaic installation.

"Ojos del Piedra" Foundation

They operate in the autonomous region of Aragon, their main activities being:

  • Conservation, conditioning, maintenance and cleaning of the wetlands known as "Ojos del Piedra", located in the Piedra river basins.
  • Cataloguing and preparation for display at the local ethnographic museum.
  • Rehabilitation of an existing hydraulic mill at the source of Piedra river.
  • Creation of a training school to promote the dissemination of the fields related to the purpose of the foundation, always based in human values.

WYD in Madrid

REDUR was one of the main sponsors of the Symphony Orchestra and Choir of the World Youth Day.