Mission, vision and values

In order to understand a company nowadays, it is necessary to get to know its roots and origins in depth. Under the branches of the tree of our corporate image, we started building –more than 40 years ago– our mission, vision and values, which have made us what we are today. A young, dynamic, humble company capable of providing pioneering logistics solutions to the most demanding industries.


"We are a family who is proud of its history and focused on providing the best logistics solutions adapted to our customers".


“To earn the recognition of our customers and the national and international markets as the best logistics company in terms of quality, productivity, accountability, work safety and respect for the environment.


  • Commitment: we undertake as an obligation the attainment of our vision and mission.
  • Humbleness: we think that it is more important to listen than to talk, in order to enrich ourselves as persons and grow as a company.
  • Love: we help, support and encourage our loved ones at home and at work with the purpose of helping them achieve personal and professional well-being.