Innovation and Technology

The world around us is constantly evolving and so are we. Every day we ask ourselves whether we can do things better and the answers to that question are projects that result in faster and more reliable services. Having ideas is easy, having good ideas is more complicated, but the real challenge is to do it in a sustainable and continuous way and particularly to cause a direct impact on the satisfaction of our customers.

Throughout these last few years, we have made sustainable investments in management systems in order to obtain more information on all of our operating processes. The result was “Atlas”, our new ERP to manage all the processes of the transport chain.

Atlas is the answer to the increasing demand of our customers to havereliable and accountable information on their shipments in real time (IOD & POD), and also a means to guarantee a fast, safe access to endless administrative-financial applications.

All of our fleet is equipped with a last-generation industrial terminal system that, using GPS technology, makes it possible to know the location of each parcel at any point of the process, as well as to submit the proofs of delivery (POD) online.

Furthermore, for those vehicles used to transport medicinal products at a controlled temperature, we have a complex and efficient real-time monitoring of the temperature at the body of the vehicle in order to guarantee that medicines are kept at the appropriate temperature throughout the whole production process.