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Comprehensive logistics operator

We are a comprehensive logistics operator, capable of adjusting ourselves to the needs and requirements of all kinds of customers and industries. Our purpose is to serve our customers and we offer a wide range of alternatives and synergies that we make available to them, adding value to their Supply Chain.

We have the best professionals, with in-depth insight into dedicated and multi-customer operations, who can analyse and design in a customised way your global supply network, implementing continuous improvement actions that contribute to optimise processes and reduce costs, thus achieving a greater operating efficiency and a better service for customers.


Storage and Distribution Centre

We own the most important private Storage and Distribution Centre in Spain, where we merge transport and logistics operations to offer a competitive comprehensive solution.

Our Centre has a privileged strategic location, close to Madrid, to the airport and train stations and well linked to the main connection roads (A-1, M-50, M-45, M-30 among others).

Our facilities are equipped with the best and most advanced fire prevention systems and, since they are located within an exclusive and closed industrial area, safety is fully guaranteed.


Our strategic development cornerstones are based on:

1. Human Resources: Highly qualified, constant, proactive, analytical and efficient employees working for the attainment of objectives and the satisfactions of our customers' customers, regardless of their needs and requirements.

2. Commitment: We want to achieve something else than a customer-supplier relationship, we want to be your reference partner.

3. Technological Innovation: We have the most advanced systems in the market for storage management (RF) and monitoring of deliveries (PDA) that enable us to analyse, assess, manage, track and inform on the status of shipments, service requests, stock, batches, expiry dates and serial numbers, LIFO, FIFO and FEFO management, connectivity through the exchange of electronic files with any ERP, confirmation of delivery of goods to end customers. All of this provides our customers with absolute accountability and visibility of their business in real time.

4. Scope: We have 60 delegations spread throughout the Peninsula, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra, all of them subject to the same working procedures. We are founder members of the Eurodis network, that makes it possible to extend our distribution of goods to all Europe.

5. Quality: We are certified by the most demanding auditing companies, which guarantees that our working method has a direct impact on the attainment of objectives and therefore on the benefit and satisfaction of our customers.

6. Environment: Our company is committed to the environment.

The products we offer are:

  1. Comprehensive logistics management. Dedicated operations and Multi-customer operations.
  2. Operator authorised as Customs Warehouse.
  3. Reception of goods.
  4. Dispatching.
  5. Storage.
  6. Stock control.
  7. Control of batches and expiry dates.
  8. Picking & Packing.
  9. Cross-docking.
  10. Tight flow.
  11. Special handling and customisation of new batches of products. We help our partners create new products based on the elements of their current range.
  12. Management and processing of returns.
  13. Inverse logistics management. We can pick up your stock procurement orders from your suppliers.
  14. Connectivity through standard AECOC interface with ERP.
  15. Real estate operations. We rent industrial buildings.